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Wunambal and Gaambera are Australian Aboriginal languages traditionally spoken by Wunambal Gaambera people in the North Kimberley. Wunambal is spoken in the region between the Prince Regent River and the lower proportion of the King Edward River, and includes the Bonaparte Archipelago and the Mitchell Plateau. Wunambal and Gaambera are non-Pama-Nyungan languages belonging to the Wunambalic group of the Worrorran or North Kimberley language family.

NB. Recordings and images include people who are deceased. 

Learning Language and Language Resources

We have created Wunambal Gaambera language learning and teaching resources, including: PowerPoints with sound and pictures that can also be printed as picture books and a rough teachers’ guide or syllabus of a Wunambal Gaambera language course. 

Find out more about our language program and language resources, get in touch with our linguist Jason Lee jason.lee@wunambalgaambera.org.au 

A lot of work has been done on typing up and translating old tapes of spoken Wunambal. The old tapes, recorded in the 1970s by Eric Vaszyoli are of Laurie Utemorrah and Collier Bengmoro. These sound clips have been used in our dictionary. 

WUnambal Gaambera Dictionary

 SOON you will be able to download a copy of our Wunambal Gaambera Dictionary which features the voices of Laurie Utemorrah and Collier Bengmoro, among others. 

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